Belgische Bieren - Belgian Beers




Awarded the Gold Medal for Quality in 1979 and 1997.

 Belbev Pilsner is a very smooth and tasty pilsner style lager.

 During the eight-hour long brewing process all raw materials are mixed with great care. First clean water enters the masher, immediately followed by malted grain. By steam heating this mixture the brewer obtains a high-sugar extract.

By filtering this extract in the mash filter, the high-sugar extract is separated from the spent grain. The sugar extract, the jargon for which is ‘wort’, is gathered in the brewing vessel and boiled. At this stage the carefully selected hops are added, which will give the beer its spicy flavour.


The high-sugar extract, wort, from the brewhouse is mixed with yeast. Once these have been mixed, at certain temperatures, nature can run its course. The sugars will be metabolised into alcohol and natural carbon dioxide which causes the typical smell anyone who has ever entered a fermentation area will be able to recall.