Belgische Bieren - Belgian Beers




Duvel is a 100% pure, natural beer, with no additives or preservatives.

Its 8.5% alcohol content, enormous head, delicate sparkle and silky soft feeling in the mouth make Duvel an angelic beer with a devilish after-effect.

Thanks to the balance between a fine aroma and subtle bitterness, Duvel occupies a unique position in the rich Belgian Beer tradition.

 Its dry but still sweet alcohol flavour makes the beer an excellent thirst-quencher, with a pronounced hop aroma.

The Duvel glass was the first tulip shaped glass at the time of its creation, the end of the sixties.

The round shape releases Duvelís heavenly flavours and aromas.

The ĎDí inside the bottom of the Duvel glass also causes the beer to sparkle subtly upwards to its luxurious head.