Belgische Bieren - Belgian Beers




Ordering Kwak for the first time is a great experience.

It comes to your table complete with a monogrammed wooden stand.

The long neck and round base makes a nice rich, frothy head.

You can recognize a Kwak glass from across a crowded bar.

Once you get over the over the novelty of the glass, Kwak is a very fine Belgian beer.

The color is a deep amber, with a creamy colored head.

Kwak has a mellow, fruity and malty aroma with very little hops small. There are some hints of fruit in the taste and aroma such as creamy banana and liquorice.

Kwak is the named after its original brewer Pauwel Kwak who first made it in 1791. It is now made in the family owned Brewery Bosteels in Buggenhout, Belgium.